Suzuki sees the growth in vintage bikes and commits to help owners find parts, get manual and other items. This is a very smart move my a company to make money off of old parts and content. It is a masterful business and marketing move.

Suzuki GB Aftersales Marketing Coordinator, Tim Davies, said, “I think across motorcycling at large we’re seeing a lot more interest from people who are looking for an older machine that perhaps they rode or wanted when they were younger, or riders who are looking for a bit of a project.

“Our Vintage Parts Programme makes the whole experience of owning a classic Suzuki even better, with specialist knowledge on hand, a complete list of available parts and accompanying images, and the service manuals too.

“We’ll be launching the campaign with the sought after RGV250K, and adding a new model every quarter, but we also want customers to share their own images with us of their classic Suzukis, some before and after shots maybe, and to also let us know if there are any models they’d really like to see added to the programme.” –From

I hope all other motorcycles company follow this path.

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