Getting started into motorcycle building is great fun. Usually the mechanical parts on an old motorcycle just need to be cleaned and lubed and they will work again for another 30 years. Electrical wiring is a whole different story.

Wires corrode crack and break and look like the proverbial rat’s nest. Trying to fix even the smallest connection issue can cause you to blow fuses, create more problems of even fry expensive electrical parts. I have always wondered if it would be just better to start from scratch and re-wire the entire bike. When I look at a diagram I reach for a beer and say “I’ll get to that later.”


One of my projects sits just waiting for wiring, so I figured I better find a solution. After doing some searching on the web I found the product my Motogadget , the m-Unit.


The m-Unit V.2 is the ‘electrical heart’ of the motorbike. All switching operations are completely digitally controlled by a microprocessor and the latest solid-state technology – completely without mechanical relays, taking vehicle electrical systems to a new level!

You can buy them on many websites but I found this great video by Revival Cycles that shows just how easy it can be to wire your bike. You’ll spend about $320 for the m-unit but I think it’s worth it. I’ll be ordering one in the future and I’ll post an update when I actually get to install one.

Wiring diagram of how the m-Unit fits into the rest of your wiring.


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