When I was a (pre)teenager I desperately wanted a Honda Spree scooter.

Honda Spree image via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Spree

I loved the black one with purple lettering, and thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

I “visited” one every weekend at the local Honda dealer when I went with my dad to “visit” the big motorcycles that he dreamed of taking out on the road after retiring.

Alas it was never meant to be. The parental phrase that has always stuck with me is “We trust you on the road, but we don’t trust other drivers on the road.”

So years later–about 25 years to be exact–my husband (who had heard this story of scooter lament a number of times) surprised me with my own scooter.


It’s a been-used, twist-and-go Yamaha Vino that our family uses for quick trips to the corner stores and for fun rides around our property. It has probably ramped more hills than the average scooter should. And it’s always a big hit at cookouts and birthday parties.

Our 12-year-old daughter covered it with stickers when she and my husband took it to tool around last year’s Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. They have gone every year since she was seven…

In short, our family loves this little scooter.


My husband celebrates all things moto on his MotoArkansas.com blog, and has helped foster a growing moto scene in central Arkansas through that community. He loves rebuilding motorcycles. He loves getting to know other motonerds. Ultimately he even wants to race on a bike that he restores, himself.

So I guess it’s no stretch to imagine that the wife of a motonerd-husband might want to learn to ride as well. (Especially when her beloved scooter maxes out at 35 mph, and you have to aid its uphill momentum by leaning reeeeally far forward…)

But here’s the problem: I have never driven anything on two wheels that wasn’t a twist-and-go, let alone anything that goes above 35 mph.

Until last week…


We got a 2006 Suzuki GZ250. (Wheee! I love this bike!)

Yes, it’s smaller than most bikes. No, I won’t probably won’t take it over 60 mph, even though my husband swears he got it to go over 70 on the interstate the other day.

At this point I have only driven it around our home. But oh, it is so much fun.

My plan is to take a beginner’s motorcycle class, and get my mechanically-inclined husband to teach me some basic maintenance must-knows.

I have a couple of friends who are also just starting to ride, so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to join (or form) a fun, informative, and supportive community of women riders in central Arkansas.

All things said I know that I’ll probably scrape my knuckles and/or knees a couple of times, but I couldn’t be more excited about learning.

As for our old scooter?

Chances are it will go to our youngest daughter when she turns 14. We’ll let her ride it around the house, and hope that she takes it to college in a few years to ride around campus.

But I don’t foresee us letting her take it out on the roads…

We don’t really “trust the other drivers” out there.


So expect to see her hit the road on a motorcycle in about 5 or 10 years… #applesdontfallfarfromtheirtrees

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