Third Time is the Charm for West!

Cory West went two-for-two on a cold and damp Sunday at Autobahn Country Club during the opening round of the CCS Midwest Championship. Heavy rains plagued the first day of practice and caused Sunday morning practice to be wet as well. With sections of track still holding water, the first few races of the day showed how slippery the conditions really were with multiple riders falling early. Cory managed to avoid all the danger and pull off the first win of his season in the Unlimited Supersport event. With the track slowly getting dryer, Cory managed to drop into the low 1:27 range and secured his second win of the day in the Unlimited GP.  

“Today was a pretty tough day to try and go fast. I didn’t turn but 2 laps of wet practice before today’s races so I was hoping I had a pretty good setup going into the Supersport race. The BMW’s electronics worked amazing in such tricky conditions and really helped me control all those ponies. Gotta hand it to the Pirelli tires as well, they were finding grip that I didn’t think was possible in the damp spots!” said Cory about his first race. 

“I didn’t really need to change much for the last race. The bike was working good enough, I just needed to stay focused and not make any mistakes. The local guys kept me honest but it was really nice to break through and get some wins and set the fastest lap of the weekend. I’m getting more comfortable every time I ride the Beemer and I can’t wait to get back on it and keep this momentum going!” exclaimed West after winning two in a row. 

The next round on the “Bounty Hunter” schedule is the ASRA Team Challenge event at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. Stay up to date by following Cory West on all the popular Social Media networks!

Cory would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support: 

BMW North America 

Pirelli Tire North America

Gemini Technologies

Hooligan Racing

Steve Weir, BMW HP Race Support

AMSOIL Lubricants 

Ohlins USA 





Drippin’ Wet

Shoei Helmets North America 

Sidi Boots/Motonation 

If you’re interested in helping Cory this season during his racing efforts, please contact us here.

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