I ran into a guy the other day who said his wife had tried all kinds of motorcycles, but that is was the Honda Grom she finally fell in love with. So much so she drives everyday to work.

My wife is ready to upgrade from the 50cc scooter and get a proper bike. So I thought this could be a perfect bike for her to learn on and get her start. It’s moderately priced brand new, easy to maneuver and fast enough to use as a commuter bike. We stopped by the local dealer to take a look and she really liked it.

Another friend of ours is also looking to start riding and when she asked for my advice I said the Grom. Her first response was “is it big enough? will I out grow it too soon?”

Below are some great videos of what fun can be had on a Grom. So is the Grom a good first bike? Is it a good bike for a woman wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle? I think yes.

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